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Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7, Department of Rhode Island, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is a lineal, patriotic, non-profit organization that is the Ocean State’s oldest SUVCW camp, having been formed in 1909 by members of G.A.R. Arnold Post 4 and their sons. As legal successor to Arnold Post 4, a century of rich tradition and bonds of fraternity have helped Camp 7 maintain its place as a leader in the preservation of the memory of Rhode Island’s Civil War veterans and their proud place in history. As Camp 7 embarks on the journey into its 2nd Century, it continues to adhere to the mission set forth by its founders by working together with SUVCW camps across the State and the Nation in order to educate, commemorate, and celebrate the rich history of the Boys in Blue whose sacrifice saved a nation and sealed the promise of the Union Reuinited.

Who will remember the Boys in Blue?

We will...

This site is not all-inclusive. It does not contain all the written material and records on the Civil War, Union Armies and the GAR. Despite ongoing research by our members, this site may not have the information you're looking for. When possible, we'll provide guidance. Failing that, we invite you to visit your local library or historical society.

Governors Dyer
Captain William Arnold

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