Current Camp 7 Officers

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Kenneth J. Pike, PCC

Sr. Vice Commander - Peter Sarazin

Jr. Vice Commander - Alan W. Head

Secretary/Treasurer - John A. Connor, PCC

Camp Council - Michael Alves, PCC

Camp Council - Michael J. Stewart, PCC

Camp Council - Scott A. Reese

Camp Patriotic Instructor - Michael J. Stewart, PCC

Chaplain - Robert Armidon

Camp Graves Registration Officer - Peter J. Sarazin

Camp Webmaster/Signals Officer - James P. McGuire, PCC

GAR Highway Officer / Eagle Scout Coor. - John A. Connor

ROTC Award Coordinator - John A. Connor

Camp Guard - Liam A. McCaffrey

Camp Guide/Color Bearer- Matthew W. Reese




Camp 7 is presented a replacement charter during the Centennial Celebration in February, 2009